Body Connections

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Body Connections is a personalized mind/body solution to improving health and wellbeing. By strengthening your natural and functional movements such as walking, sitting, standing, bending, lifting, and twisting, Body Connections can help you gain efficiency in your movement encountered in daily activities.  No matter what your fitness goals, Body Connections can assist you in reaching those goals by focusing on the primary elements of fitness: cardiovascular and muscular strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, stress relief and weight control.

v  Cardiovascular fitness aids in the reduction of high blood pressure, enabling the heart and lungs to operate more efficiently.

v  Strength training combats the loss of muscle and bone mass as we age.  The average person loses up to one pound of muscle mass each year from age 20-40.

v  Strength training helps to increase and maintain bone density that aids in the prevention of osteoporosis.  For pre- and post-menopausal women the loss of bone mass is significant. 

v  Strength training burns calories by increasing the body’s metabolic rate thus burning more calories throughout the day.

v  The loss of balance and stability are issues many people discover as they age.  Strength training builds muscular resiliency that aids in fall prevention. 

v  The lack of flexibility from inactivity can lead to less blood flow to muscles and joints resulting in tightness and injuries (pulled hamstrings, rotator cuff muscles). 

v  Strength training helps to combat stress by releasing our natural endorphins. 








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